Sanitizing Tips for your Printer.

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Sanitizing Tips for your Printer ...

Technical & Graphics Printing

In the workplace, devices such as copiers and printers are high-touch areas that should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.  We recently created a new video to share with you on sanitizing a wide-format printer. 
Gene from our Madison office, walks you thru what to use for cleaning and the areas to wipe down to ensure you have a clean printer.  

Here are just a few tips, I wanted to also share that are applicable to all printers, plotters, and copiers.
     1.  Avoid anything containing bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals.
     2.  Best thing to use is Isopropyl Alcohol.
     3.  Remember to wipe, do not spray Isopropyl Alcohol, sanitizer or other cleaning solutions on your  plotter/printer/copier.
     4.  Power down and unplug the machine before wiping it down.


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