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What is the cost of doing nothing in additive manufacturing?

This question should be asked in various business initiatives.  However, I want to ask this question as it relates to...

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7 reasons why machine shops should be adopting metal additive mfg technology to their subtractive technology

Historically most machine shops have been job shops, which makes the business dependent on constantly obtaining new...

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Investment Casting Using Additive Manufacturing Optimize your Foundry

The official definition of Investment casting is an industrial process based on lost-wax casting, one of the oldest...

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Trends in Additive Manufacturing - 3D Print 2021

I almost can't believe I am writing this but I just got back from attending my first live conference since the COVID...

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The First Step in the 3D Printing Post-Processing WorkFlow is OFTEN Cleaning

You can have the best 3D printed parts in the world, but if you do not have a good cleaning/post-processing workflow,...

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How are biocompatible materials revolutionizing medicine?

What is biocompatibility and how is it relevant to 3D printing? 

 “Biocompatibility is a general term describing the ...

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Complimenting Additive Manufacturing with Subtractive Manufacturing

When it comes to advancing manufacturing processes, people pick a team on which to play: the additive manufacturing...

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Downtime Costing You Productivity, Money, and Stress?

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but working on a big deadline and having your printer go down can cause...

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Struggling to improve your innovation around manufacturing and 3D printing?

"The pain of Change could be LESS than the pain of NOT changing"

It's often not easy to change − whether it is a...

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Affordable and effective way to dye HP 3D MJF Parts

Are you struggling to produce consistent results on parts dyed from HP’s Multi Jet Fusion printer? The last step in...