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5 Considerations for Implementing an Effective AM Cell

Nov 21, 2022 2:50:10 PM

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What you’ll learn…  

In the third panel discussion of our three-part series, you’ll get answers to key questions from three additive manufacturing leaders who don’t shy away from the truth and have critical insights to share.  

You’ll hear from:  

  • Kevin Carr, President, MasterGraphics
  • David Tucker, Business Development Consultant, New Wave Manufacturing
  • Michael Rosplock, Manager of Digital Manufacturing, Enerpac
  • David Rosendahl, President, MindFire Inc., Moderator  

In this session, our panelists break it all down and discuss what is needed to leverage best-in-class 3D Print manufacturing processes with these five considerations:

1] Why it is imperative to write an effective proposal to convince the required executives and the technical team that new 3D print technology is a worthy investment. The need to justify the expenditure. 

2] The importance of designating a project lead and the value they bring to achieving effective implementation. 

3] The project leader's ability to focus on part development that leverages the additive manufacturing cell effectively. 

4] The need for understanding the proper AM cell setup and the expected production processes

5] The key to success also includes focusing on the factory blueprint layout that outlays the physical workflow from print to finish.

Watch this webinar recording now to start off on the right foot and get answers to questions you may have, or may have not even thought of!

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Kevin Carr

Written by Kevin Carr