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Revolutionizing Product development: Unleashing the Power of Additive Manufacturing throughout the Product Lifecycle

Jul 10, 2023 12:52:44 PM

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What you'll learn...

Uncover the transformative power of 3D printing in our webinar.  Learn how it drives revenue growth, revolutionizes product development, and enhances the customer experience.  Unlock the immense potential of 3D printing for growth and innovation in your business.

You'll hear from:

  • David Tucker, Business Development Consultant, New Wave Manufacturing
  • Carl Douglass, CEO, Di Labs
  • Kevin Carr, President, MasterGraphics
  • David Rosendahl, President, MindFire Inc., Moderator

In this session, our panelists break it all down and discuss:

  1. What the terminology "solutionologist" means.
  2. How to leverage additive manufacturing through a product development process beyond simple prototyping.
  3. Where they see the largest opportunity for additive in developing new product portfolios.
  4. David explains his customized innovation workshops that empower customers to maximize the potential of additive manufacturing.
  5. The term, "creating a digital product portfolio", really means.

In the webinar, we addressed attendee questions on the potential and impact of additive manufacturing in manufacturing and businesses, while also exploring solutions to address customer challenges.

Watch this webinar recording now to start off on the right foot and get answers to questions you may have or may have not even thought of!

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Kevin Carr

Written by Kevin Carr