Miss our webinar on Additive Mfg in Education?.

Some things I learned from watching it.

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Miss our webinar on Additive Mfg in Education? ...

June 15, 2020
3D Printing - Education

Did you miss our webinar on Additive Manufacturing in Education that we did with HP?  Don't worry I did too,  good thing we recorded it.  I just got done watching the webinar and I am excited to share a few new things I learned.

The first thing I am super excited to tell about (even went home and shared it with my family) was the HP 580 Multi Jet Fusion (3D printer) has 140 3D printed parts inside it.  HP used one of its production machines and printed the parts to be used inside.  I found this so cool!  Think of the opportunities this can lead to for a supply parts business.

Another thing I learned was what great opportunities HP and even my own company have to offer institutions educating our future workforce in additive manufacturing. HP has created a curriculum that is easy for institutions to obtain free, simply by filling out a survey.  And MasterGraphics can train new students on systems or help institutions with fund raising.

I encourage you to watch the webinar for yourself to learn more about how HP and MasterGraphics can help support education for the future.

View the webinar on our youtube channel: 


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