What type of images can be printed and what type of medias can be used on a PageWide XL?.

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What type of images can be printed and what type of medias can be used on a PageWide XL? ...

Technical Printing
  • Océ 45111 is a 20 lb uncoated bond paper. Ideal for all general purpose copying and printing. The bright white sheet provides strong visual contrast. Océ engineering bond is manufactured to control curl and static. 3" core, untaped, available in 500' or 650' lengths.
  • 24LB Coated Bond – Oce' PM24
  • Océ 24 lb. Bond matte coated with bright white base. Inkjet receptive coating on front-side and anti-curl treatment on the backside. 



Type of Image: Company announcements, Signage, Information Boards

Recommended Media:

  • 48LB Heavy Weight Matte Presentation Paper – HW48 – A 48lb (180 gsm), is an economical, bright white matte coated paper. This heavyweight coated paper is durable for short-term outdoor applications. It delivers water-resistant prints with no need for lamination when using pigment inks. This coating produces crisp lines, dense blacks and vivid colors with a fast dry-time.
  • 24LB Coated Bond with Removable backing – Oce' ABBND; a bright white stock with an acrylic repositionable microspehere adhesive on the back that will mount to a variety of surfaces. This product is an excellent choice for indoor signage. The thin silicone release liner removes easily for quick mounting. Physical properties: 90gsm, 5mil, Opacity 91, Whiteness 94, Brightness 84, 3" core.
  • 7mil Satin Resin Coated Photo Paper – Oce' PHPR7 is a 7mil satin resin coated photo paper. Main Applications are indoor display graphics, POP, posters and presentations.



Type of Image: Project Management Organizations, Construction Site Information,

Recommended Media:

  • 48LB Heavy Weight Matte Presentation Paper – HW48 – Described above
  • 24LB Coated Bond with Remove bale backing – Oce' ABBND – Described above
  • 7mil Satin Photo – Oce' PHP7 is a satin resin coated photo paper. Main applications include indoor display graphics/POP, posters and presentations
  • 8mil water resistant Polypropylene banner – Oce' 6008 is a polypropylene film designed to be used for short term outdoor graphics. Oce' 6008 is weather resistant and virtually waterproof. It can be used outdoors without lamination.



GIS Maps

Type of Image: GIS Images

Recommended Media

  • 24lb Coated Bond Oce' PM24



Point of Purchase (POP) Signs

Type of Image: Retail Signs, Sales Signs

Recommended Media:

  • 24LB Coated Bond with removable backing – Oce' ABBND – Explained Above
  • 7mil Satin Photo – Oce' PHPR7 – 8mil water resistant Polypropylene banner – Oce' 6008 is designed to be used for short term outdoor graphics and is weather resistant and virtually waterproof. 
media 5


Type of Image: Various large format signs

Recommended Media:

  • 5mil Water-resistant Matte Vinyl with PSA– Oce' OPVYNLPS – A 3.5 mil water-resistant, matte calendered vinyl with PSA. Whether you are creating a short term outdoor sign, or a long term indoor banner, Oce' OPVYNLPS is the perfect choice.   Specially designed for use with dye and pigment inks, Oce' OPVYNLPS can be used with or without lamination.
  • 15mil Universil Economy Scrim Vinyl – Dietzgen 90042040 is a bright white scrim vinyl banner. It has scratch and waterproof matte coating and is tear resistant polyester fabric that is sandwiched between two layers of white vinyl.
  • Oce' 10 mil Tyvek banner is a matte inkjet coated, tear resistant Tyvek. Inkjet coating compatible with many wide-format thermal and piezo inkjet printers. Durable and water resistant inkjet-receptive topcoat. Dye and pigment based printing capability for indoor and outdoor banner material. Very high tear strength and easy for grommeting and sewing. 
  • 6 mil Polypropylene film with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive – Oce' OPPOLYPS is a 6.6 mil economical, water resistant polypropylene film with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. Whether you are printing on thermal or piezo waterbased inkjet printers, the result will be brilliant color every time. The backside PSA will simplify the mounting and installation process and the water resistant coating means you do not have to laminate when using pigment inks.


Gift Wrap – Can you believe this one?

Type of image: Anything you want

Recommended Media:

  • Satin wrapping paper – HP Z6G71A can produce high-quality wrapping paper and posters that provide excellent image quality. The paper dries quickly and stays intact with handling-avoiding smudges and smears.
wrapping paper


Keep in mind if you have other large format inkjet printers we may have similar media to the above but specific to your advice.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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