Why are companies buying HP 3D printers to replace their existing 3D printers?.

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Why are companies buying HP 3D printers to replace their existing 3D printers? ...

Additive Manufacturing

I started working in 3D printing in 2012 and have visited a lot of companies that are using some type of a 3D print process.  I have seen a lot of companies using simple FDM printers for basic prototypes, SLA printers for very detailed parts, larger FDM printers for basic prototypes and fixtures, Ployjet printers for basic detailed prototypes, color jet printers for gypsum powder based prototypes, and SLS printers to get strong prototype parts.  The one thing in common with these above 3D print technologies is that each is a tracing technology.  Tracing technology can only go so fast.  The more detailed the part the slower the process.  I have talked to a lot of people about how long a build can take on a tracing system like FDM and it can take a week to produce a large part. Who has time for that?

HP’s one pass power bed system can produce parts at an inch per hour with a bed size on the 4200 of 13” x 11.5” x 15”.  You can produce hundreds of parts in a full build that will only take 15 hours versus days on the above systems.

Now you know why companies are looking at HP 3D printing!

Need more speed? The new 5200 HP printer can actually run a full build with the same bed size as the 4200 in 11.5 hours.  Need manufacturing standards?  The parts produced on this 5200 printer actually meet a CPK level of 1.33 on I.T. scale of 13.   What does that mean?  It was explained to me by an HP applications Engineer that parts now coming off the 5200 printer are equivalent to injection molded parts coming off soft steel tooling. 

We haven’t even discussed the reduction in material cost to produce parts.  I can tell you that our customers are seeing actual part costs of $3 to $4 per cubic inch of part.  This includes materials, fusing and detailing agents, and all consumables need throughout the year.

To get an idea how your parts could fit into an HP 3D print technology feel free to contact me and we setup a time for me visit your facility, see your part applications, discuss your expectations and setup a process to see if HP 3D printing is right for you.

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