Where can I buy the HP 3D Printer?.

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Where can I buy the HP 3D Printer? ...

Additive Manufacturing

HP’s new Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers are available through HP’s extensive partner network, sometimes called Resellers. The benefits to using a reseller network are not always clear, and there can be some confusion as to where the reseller fits in.

Similar to other large OEMs, HP specializes in the design and manufacturing of their technology, and leaves the sales, installation, training, and service to local experts. At MasterGraphics, we are one of those local experts.

Every market is different. Industries can be heavily located in one region over another. A local team of salesman and engineers typically has a much better understanding of their own regions. Take for example medical devices in Minnesota, or the automotive industry in Detroit. Having an understanding of the products, companies, and general “way of business” in your region is hugely beneficial throughout the sales process. Plus it cuts down on travel time and remote communication, allowing more face to face and on-site visits.

The sales, training, and service are all performed by a local team of experts. HP’s machines have next business day service, which is only possible because of the trained technicians in every state (or country) Since HP is a worldwide company, it would not be practical for HP to train and hire technicians in every location a machine is installed. The entire process of install and training can take up to a week, followed by extra training or troubleshooting, on an as-need basis. Once again, this is all possible because of the local engineers and technicians.

Many times, we speak with companies to insist on working only directly with the OEM. While this may work in other industries, it is not practical in the professional additive machine market. As mentioned, companies like HP do not have the local resources in every possible region. The HP MJF 3D printers are complex machines that require serious effort and education to run smoothly and cost effectively. This is only made possible by the local presence of certified partners in each region.

Orders are processed and fulfilled by the local reseller, but regional HP managers stay involved throughout sales processes. As a reseller, we stay in constant communication with managers and engineers from HP to stay up to date on the latest technical advancements, pricing, promotions, and future outlook of HP additive technology.

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